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Bears, 'Bows, Birds, Beavers, and King Salmon
Eco Rafting Trips

Nature at it's best! There is not another trip like this in the Denali area.

Raft trips available June 10th - September 20th Join us on a extraordinary rafting adventure in our backyard on a beautiful, wild, quiet, clear salmon and trout stream.

Starting July 4th and running thru August 10th, 4 to 7 thousand king salmon show up to spawn in this beautiful small river. This also brings some of the bears in the area out of the mountains to feed. Bears are encountered at least 50% of the time on trips this time of the year. There are also other species of salmon in this river thru October.

The interior Grizzly is typically a wilder solitary animal than its cousin the brown bear. These bears are not accustomed to human presence and usually when they detect man will explosively leave the immediate area, making for some near heart stopping action. However, by quietly flowing down the river it is at times possible to sneak in and view some of the undisturbed bears while fishing or looking for food.

Participants for rafting or fishing must be in at least average physical shape as we will be getting in and out of the raft and possibly helping with a short portage or two and walking on some very uneven rocky ground. Also if a person absolutely does not want risk a close encounter with a bear, these float trips July 10th through August 10th are not for you!

The river is a small to medium crystal clear stream most of the time, however sometimes it gets too shallow to float or will rage with a lot of rain. Adjustments or cancellations are possible anytime of the year with full refunds of course.


Guided Fishing Trips
Rainbows, Grayling, Salmon

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Fly fish or spin gear, yours or ours.

June 20th - September 20th


The salmon in this river are 150 miles up river and are past their prime for eating, but are fun to hook and release. King fighting is only open a few days of the summer.


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